Let's stop !

the foolish act to try to make the state by killing the people!
What kind of state will we make by the destruction of human being! What kind of state can we make by the group of murderers! Will we make the state which doesn't find fault with the murder, the theft, the rape and so on! A means connotes the purpose! Will we make the state which has the purpose of the destruction of human being! The state of the robbers exists only in the destruction of their state itself! God to create is said as "God", and God to destroy is said as "devil"! If God (or the idea) that the robbers believe in is the true "God" (God to create)(creation), their act are the biggest betrayal act toward "God"(God to create) because they throw a mud at "God's" face and drag down "God" and bring the disgrace of the name of "devil" on "God"! There is nothing so bad as the betrayal toward the best! The end of the persons continueing the destruction is only the destruction! Their address are doomed to be "hell"(matter)!






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