Direct democratic system

The defect of a representative system is that the individual "general public opinion" aren't reflected in the politics and that the personal thought(honor, money, etc) of a representative or the thought(power, etc) of the political party or the thought(benefit, etc) of the pressure group, etc are given top priority(had for their object) and that the ideal of "humanitarianism" is settled as ""-ki re i go to-(whitewashing things) which means the green ideal to disregard the hard facts in this case and which is a favorite word of a evil, of a professional politician, of a fake man of culture and of an egoist. The perfect form of democratic politics is the Direct democratic system, but it is impossible for the livelihooding people to take directly part(management) in the politics(legislation, administration, administration of justice). Therefore, at least, we should try to "check" against the representatives or the public officers of a specialist who were chosen by the general public and who were employed on useing taxs of the general public, useing short-term direct system(valuation and selection once a month) by the individual(all) general public of the employers. Under the correct information, let's click with mouse the evil politics(management) or the evil policys or the evil political partys or the evil representatives(members of the Diet) or the evil public officers !







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