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In the top of the desires, -dai roku ten no ma ou-(Satan of the sixth Heaven) lives. It is the name of a desire for rule or a power lust, and it is an activity of the mind which feels much pleasure to control others, and everybody have it, and, specially, one who is charmed with power is apt to be ruled by this Satan. He pretends to be big wearing a tin decoration and a thick full dress, and he wants to control others and to be made much of many his entourage, and his abdomen of a frog is inflated like this and pretends to be a man of dignity being affected, and when seeing the bigger abdomen than his one, more and more, his abdomen is inflated, and when being no match for his opponent, he gets excited over to break down his opponent. At all events, he is disagreeable to the bigger thing and to the greater thing than one of himself. Buddhism calls this activity of the mind of the desire for rule or the power lust as -dai roku ten no ma ou-(Satan of the sixth Heaven), and, if this appears powerfully enormously, the mass destruction will produce. This Satan lurks in the back bottom of individual our mind watching for a chance to his time, and depending on the various main cause("-en-(second cause)) which are individual character or environment, etc, it appears and goes berserk in an instant, or, even if it appears in an instant, it can be understood to be tempted by the Satan and the destruction is stopped in the minimum damage with repentance, in other cases, it keeps to appear and makes the big destruction, or there are somebody who are unrelated for the Satan utterly. Well, in Japanese politics, the other day, under the news of the ex-Premier's death, the doctors's press interview was carried out, but, it may be honesty as far as they could come in not to present the X-rays or CT photos. Therefore, between the contents of the Chief Secretary of the Cabinet's utterance at that first press interview and one of the doctors's press interview didn't directly meet. But, at that first press interview, when the Chief Secretary of the Cabinet's utterance which fired "honesty"s was done, this person was thought a "honest" person as much as not to be able to hide not to be "honesty", but, at the back of this press interview which was "honest" as much as to be seen pitiable, the true no "honest" persons of frogs who were wearing tin decorations and thick full dresses(arrogance) see by chance. Though it is not certain whether he is their comrade or not, after this much fussing, a man who became new premier said it the other day that "present Japan is a god's country with -ten nou-(Japanese Emperor) as the central force, and I have been playing an active for thirty years to implant this in nation's mind, so and so". When he says "god" at the meeting of the interest of SINTOU(native Japanese religion), the god is a god of SINTOU, When he says -ten nou- at same place, it is -ten nou- of SINTOU, and, for the thing like an atomic bomb for the present Japan, now that he dared to say in public, he must have some thoughts. Judging from this fact, as he has very pure sides that he becomes serious to something to be said like a kid, he may hate very much to be pointed out the discrepancy between the contents of the Chief Secretary of the Cabinet's utterance at that first press interview and one of the doctors's press interview, or he may hate the topic of DORODORO, GUCHAGUCHA(the big corrupt evil of money politics becomes the cause of the social ills, of the social unrest, of the waste of education, of the many crime of boys and girls, etc) very much, or he may intend to lay down a smoke screen for the black spot by the silly talks intentionally, or he may intend to be a service for his entourage in fact, or, on the prying viewpoint, as it is very hard that the constitution of DORODORO, GUCHAGUCHA changes, even if changing, as long as they have not serious their environment, it is temporary, if time passes, they will return to the former state that Danger past, God forgotten. These things will be able to understand it very well for people who have been doing the act of neighborly friendship that the changing ways of living or articles of faith of people is very hard, and as they will understand the difficulty very well eatening into their bones, being sprinkled salt and being put out tongue under the smiling face, moreover, as we had already got the political delicacy, playing right into hands of DORODORO, GUCHAGUCHA in advance, though they are pitiable not to make their actual results see being spattered with mud fully, and, as we don't have the heart and feel awkward to be spattered with mud still more, about here, we shall be refreshed leaving fellows who are already DORODORO, GUCHAGUCHA, shall not we? Like these, It seems to say. In either case, thinking the common thing, his doings isn't becoming to the present Japanese premier uncommonly, and, if he has been operating believing the following words "god's country, so and so" really without an aim of vote getting, he is just a moss-grown person who is on a long way to from democracy. By the way, as it seems that SENSEIs of Dietmen of his oldest predecessors intend to retire from this Diet, though it may be no certain whether they apply to next case or not, after we contrast the unseemly figures of their of bigotry old men who have been keeping to hold on fast to their tin decorations and their thick full dresses for over fifty years since the last World War not to be able to part with them in spite of growing much older, with the brightened figures of their of good old men who threw off the tin decorations and the thick full dresses right after the last World War fifty years ago, and who have been keeping for over fifty years to atone for the crime that they had committed at the War, after that, how it be seen that their figures are making merry giving the gala party for collect money with the payment of as much as twenty thousand yen par one glass being dressed up their tin decorations and their thick full dresses(arrogance), calling their followers who crowd for their interests together in large numbers at the hall of the gorgeous hotel on this times that many middle and old-aged suicides and many brutal crimes by the minors keep to increase,,,? Over and over, seeing this, good boys and girls shall not become desperate, if you are nearly ruled by -dai roku ten no ma ou-, you shall say this to the Satan. That I am not put to shame with the ungainly appearance with uncovered inferiority complex to try to show little myself as big one being at your(the desire for control or the power lust) destruction's beck and call, and, on the contrary, I will become a true big man making you(the desire for control or the power lust) my retainer and ruling you and using you for creation.







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