Let's adopt it !

good thing fast positively !
If we recognize properly both bad thing and good thing, let's throw away the bad thing and chose the good thing without hesitation. Even if it is pointed out however hard, the person who don't want to free from the harmful old convention or the bad custom which has become common sense, let leave alone. The person who crowd with the evil is only evil, and the best method to see through the evil is to know it precisely that whether the company who crowd there are living in the creation for ""-lita-(altruism) or whether they are living in the destruction for themselves(egoism). If we recognized the evil, we can understand it as good that the thing which the evil makes public as evil is the good, and if the good is the best good, the evil is the worst evil. The worst evil's enemy is the best good, and a evil often pretends to be the good to the world. and often makes the good as the evil. The evil conspires with the evil information shopman(fake journalist), and makes the good as the evil, and has been feeding the world the wrong information like ""-dai hon ei-(the Japanese army headquarters at World War 2). We can't see through the wrong information of ""-dai hon ei- without seeing carefully by our steady eyes which isn't dazzled by the title of a big newspaper office or a big magazine publisher or a major(first-class)...., and so on. The person being related to the evil is only the evil. The persons being related to the worst evil are the worst evil lot, and their end is the worst bad, too. If evil information becomes social common sense, the society surely becomes the society of the evil(destruction), and the area or the country surely declines. The other way, the society which recognizes the evil precisely and reveals the evil, and praises the good, surely becomes the society of good(creation), and the area or the country surely prospers. The bigoted, cowardly, idle company who don't try to change, to make sure to notice toward it even if pointing out many times, will be left to the worst judgment(they can't understand it without pain after all). The society of the wholesome and wise people who notice it, and who praise the good quickly, and who adopt the best good, and who sent new wind to their society, surely prospers, and the dusty town becomes clean, and green, stillness and abundance revive, and at that time, let's glorify the prosperity of the best good without hesitating to the worst society (because it is a reason)!







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