Believe it !

A human is a living thing who always interprets for himself fortunately always misunderstanding and always misjudging and always makeing a miss, and because Absolute isn't a human(or other life) but a law(truth), something which can be believed absolutely isn't a human(or other life) but a law(truth), and past great philosopheres, in their proverb, say as admonition that ""-e hou hu e nin-(Depend on a law not to depend on a human)(Buddha, -ne han kyou-(nehan sutra)), "If my interpretation is wrong, you never take it"(-ni chi ren-, -kai moku syou-(the theory of opening eyes)p.232(the substance of the context)), "Even the leader of Buddhism in the times, if he is against the right interpretation of the law of Buddhism, you never take it"(-nikkou-(immediate pupil of -nichi ren-), -nikkou yui kai oki bumi-(the sentences of ,s will as admonition)), and so on. Don't believe absolutely the human who says that ""I"(am a human who isn't Absolute) am Absolute". Let's believe the words(truth) of the past great philosopheres absolutely(as Absolute) saying that "Because "I" am not Absolute, if my words are wrong, you never believe it", and let's believe the past great philosopheres as human been nearer Absolute.







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