Don't believe !

the person who says things with his title, his uniform and his badge !
The person who doesn't have nothing in himself wants to decorate outside of himself much well. He uses the his big appearance to fool a person's eyes with the privilege decorating gorgeously. It is a swindle itself and a "normal scoundrels" swindler follows the example of this technique and he uses it very much. In the condition that the "sly", "dirty" adults who look like respectable appearance but his contents is nothing exists very much, how do their "good children" grow up? Human being, idea, religion, stateman putting on his "badge", doctor in "white", Buddhist priest getting on his "surplice" and others, are mostly in that manner. It is said that there are Buddhist priests who have some "mistress" and who wonder about the "night street" night after night. In such present world, a "carpenter" who does the "good work" with his sweat is very more a philosopher than a "Buddhist priest" with a knowing look. About the "normal consultation", let's consult a "normal person"!







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