Let's choose it !

the freedom to regulate weapon!
In USA, tragic matter happened, that thirteen high-school students were killed at a time by high-school students having guns. The destruction of the life is evil, and homicide is more evil, and even if it is for living, or even if it is self-defense, it only becomes the object to make allowance, and it doesn't change that it is evil. So the life can judge is a human. The freedom of regularization of evil is bigger then the freedom of evil, and the freedom of bigger regularization of bigger evil is bigger still more then the freedom of bigger evil. Because having gun(weapon) is related the bigger evil, there is the freedom to regulate more strongly, and it is the same in international society, and the the bigger weapon is, the stronger freedom of its regularizatio exists. If, in the state, having gun is free in degree that it is guaranteed by the constitution of the state, the state should put all nation from children to the old under an obligation to have gun, and most of the responsibility such that children not having weapon was killed by children having weapon is in the state having its constitution. The state that all nation from children to the old have gun,,,,, if thinking it, this is already not the state. It is known everybody that anger or hatred can't be controled by reason of human easily. In elementary school, somechild says that my foot is steped on, and he shoots, somechild says that, for such matter, how dare you shot my brother, and he shoots, such society connot be sound. If we can have weapon completely under the constitution, we should choose the freedom of regularization of weapon completely. It is the same kind matter that we regulate our cars by the traffic light to keep off a traffic accident. If the state or the association which doesn't permit it has hindering to legislate the regularization keeping constant pressure, the victims should claim damages to the state or to the association without hesitation.







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