Let's make an effort to make something of the best good !

To charge a good falsely as an evil is an evil's favorite trick, because an evil skillfully charge a good falsely as an evil, if we aren't very carefully, we will become to take part in an evil before we knows. Information is the largest power, and it becomes the worst evil's power, and it becomes the best good's power. It is also shown by the history that the camp which tries to maintain the power or to magnify the sphere of influence by information control(fabrication of the fact) is always the side of an evil even if it advocates freedom or even if professes democracy. Not only information, but the basis of all is the best good, and it is an ideal and a purpose of a society and of man's life to make what is the best good, and to choose what is the best good, and to live in the best good. For example, legislation of the important bill. The more the bill is important, the more it is expected it to be the best good. The way to make the best good is necessary to adopt good things without hesitation and to take away evil things without hesitation. In it, the label or the distinction of between the Government party and the Opposition party, of between the Conservative party and the Reformist political party is unnecessary. If they truly try to make the bill(law) which is thinking about all human and is standing at the side of human democracy, they should make an effort to make the bill(law) of the best good seriously. Even if the bill(law) has already been decided finally definitely, if the defects are found out, they are revised immediately, and if other good things are found out, they are adopted immediately. That this can be carried out with ease will be the procedure(system) of the best good for making the bill(law) of the best good. What carry out this will be the responsibility of the responsible political party. The political party which can carry out this priority will be the responsible political party of the best good. Saying things about the responsible political party being seen(or being able to make like being able to see so with ease) only party interests - party tactics and being verbal(or being seen to be verbal with ease) spoils the politics, the society, the economy, the education and the culture more and more.







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