Let's judge it !

the international(the world) crime in the international(the world) system of justice !
Even if the law of cause and effect of good and evil exists sternly, because the actual figure(inner condition) of the penalty is almost never exposed to the world(publicly) ( because the penalty is in individual embodying, and because a scoundrel in pain want to hide his pain, and because it is very rare that his tragic death is exposed to the world(publicly) like Mussolini who had been lynch by a crowd of people), some people can't believe this, and so far as they try to destroy human life and the order, the system which defends it is necessary for the human being (so that a life may defend oneself against the bacteria and others which destroy the life). The international(the world) police system is necessary to the international(the world) crime, for it, the international(the world) system of justice is necessary, it stamps on and out the international(the world) crime of the international terrorism, of the battle act for its retaliation, of the war crime and others, and the battle on the just cause of the emergency defence are verified after the fact and are judged by this administration of justice, too.







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