what should be cursedI

If there is really a curse, what should be really cursed is nothing but the scientists, engineers and army men who were related with dropping atomic bombs to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and more than, what should be really cursed is nothing but the politicians who had made the decision. Hundred thousands of people, of children, of mothers, of the general citizenry were massacred in an instant, and, with the survivors of the atomic bombing, until today since fifty-odd years after that, the total millions of citizens have been giveing pain by the radioactivity, and worse still, for the abnormal gene by the radioactivity, the destruction of the life is going on to their remotest descendants, is the fact. Human who had invented this devil's weapon, human who had used it to mankind, how can we say they will come to their end not to be cursed? For the will to create(life), the destruction of the will to create(life) is a evil, is a pain, and the high will to create(human), the destruction of the high will to create(human) is more evil, is more pain, and the big destruction is the big evil, the big pain, and what pain and what atonement should be to this unprecedented big evil of the big destruction of the life in an instant? Let's notice the reason that the palm putting upper the flame of an atomic bomb tastes the sad pain for a long long time.







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