Let's recognize it !

that even if a nuclear war is local, its radioactivity runs through the whole world !
The radioactivity becomes wind and rain, and it runs through the whole world and soaks into the earth and is accumulated in life, and it becomes the crisis of the life of the whole of the earth. The whole world has the duty that this possibility is prevented flatly. Nuclear powers quickly establish and sign the new nonproliferation treaty with the United Nation as leader and show clear nuclear disarmament, and the United Nation, as the main responsibility organ of the security of the whole world, is given the authority which carries out destruction of the dangerous military nuclear establishments except for the life(human life). The approved of the most part of the world is necessary when its destruction is carried out, and some preparation period is made beforehand, and careful consideration is given by self-abolition to it or the refuge advice and so on, not to produce human damage . In the future, all military nuclear establishments are placed under the United Nations.






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