Let's see through !

the cheating!
When freedom is put up, a scoundrel says about his freedom and a murder says about his freedom. When churchman's degradation is pointed out, it is said that a churchman is a human being, too(for the reason, it is inevitable?). Like that there are until from the lower life to the higher life in the life(the basis of the lower one and higher one in the life is the act!), there are until from the lower one to the higher one in the freedom and the human act as well. Since the freedom, a human being and his act are the human recognition and judgment, it isn't admitted for the human being that "the lower freedom violates the higher freedom"(the freedom that animals attack a human being, and so on), and it isn't admitted more that a churchman(the person who is thought to do good) does the lower act(evil) as well. If we cannot think that the Buddhist priest's lasciviousness is wrong, and if it is the tendency of our country generally, the mind of our country will be laid waste very much, and the crimes will spread to our country's depths, and the people in other world will turn away their face for the rotten smell(such deception doesn't hold good in the world). After master consideration from where the sold of the rotten mind comes into being, and we must find the root, and wash away the pus, and expose the root to the sun. Some cheater who is just soaked in it may say that the exposeing of the corruption isn't good, but because we have been at such a cheater's beak and call, our condition becomes worse more and more, and come now, when we open the affected part, the condition will be merciless. If we don't our best the treatment, the future of our country will be dark. Specially, about the root, the responsible media ought to feed the important information concerned with the mind and some idea after the strict verification for them. If it isn't done, the wrong information will keep to be feeded into our nation unconsciously, and it will become the rotten root of our national mind, and like that the environment hormones spoil the body of the life unconsciously, the wrong informations will spoil the mind of our nation unconsciously as well. The more the information is important, the bigger the damage is for our nation. Let's bring up the human being who can declare evil evil !







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