Let's learn it !

that the more sound our heart and body, we can feel a pain sensitively and can prevent a crisis !
The other way, when our heart and body aren't sound, our response to a pain becomes insensitive and our heart and body get into danger at last. When we have arrogance, we can't feel the pain of other people, and even if we hurt "other people", we can't apologize soon or even if we can apologize, we deal with as a temporary expedient(without the other people's pardon), and later, its wound becomes big. If we trample underfoot of other people, we should apologize soon in the place and have to get their pardon. But, when we have arrogance, this act is very difficult. Conversely, because we can't feel the pain of "other people", we trample them many times or with feeling the pain of "other people" slightly and with the some enjoyment (because we can't feel its pain as our pain for our arrogance), we trample all the more. Once, even if we could feel the pain as our pain, if we have some arrogance, we will finish with the halfway apology and the halfway atonement, and we can't get "other people's" pardon, and its wound becomes worse further. When we sincerely apologize and sincerely atone for the crime, we can get "other people's" pardon, and its wound is healed, too. We fast notices the contrivance(truth)(reason), and we should cope with the best good soon if we was found out that "other people's" foot was trampled". If we neglect it, its wound will become worse further. We should notice fast that "other people" are "ourselves".







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