Let's learn it !

that the immature politics and the immature democracy and the immature culture of present Japan as the bad teachers (models) !
USA decided to intervene to the Japanese money market because the economy of Asia and the whole of the world will become worse if the condition of the present Japanese market(as of 98.6.17) goes on. And, though the un-confidence of present Japanese cabinet is certain in Japanese society and in the market of the world, too, and though the market of the world judged it calmly and coped with it and expected of the change in Japanese politics, the company of the Socialist Democratic Party, etc, who must have been left from the Cabinet for the doubt to the Cabinet still follows like the dung of the goldfish and supports the Cabinet. Because they are playing such as the unreasonable immature cheating, Japanese trust was stopped all the more, and Japanese "stock" dropped suddenly, and because the economy of Asia and the whole of the world may become worse if the condition of the present Japanese market goes on, a excellent great nations(no making sarcastic remarks, as to the actual results which dealt with the past economic crisis highly) couldn't but launch a lifeboat, what unbecoming the politics of present Japan is! Next time, the Gaverment party seems to try to use the taxes of blood (taxes paid by the sweat of people's brow) to the relief of the general contractor(for the election?). What disgusting Japanese "pride" is! And, the immature democracy of the mass communications and public opinion(people's consciousness) against the politics and the economy, and so on, is depend on the old constitution which has soaked into the Japanese body whole for a long time, and though this reveals the present condition of Japanese nations against the politics, the democracy and the culture which is decimated so far as not to able to change easily by the accumulation of the idea environment hormone which was made by the brainwashing to the nation by mass media of the TV, news paper and the media advertisement paper in the train, and so on, for a long time, if the world refers to by all means this slovenly condition against the politics and the democracy ,and so on, as the bad teachers(models), this will become the only politics contribution of present Japan to the world. And, in the culture of the mass communication or the literature which must severely speech for the "justice" by the "speech", on account of keeping to be under the war crime publishing company's or the publisher's control for a long time, the natural wholesome culture which contribute to the world by producing the great thinker or the great speecher to the world cannot grow up, to such as the condition of the present Japanese culture, if the world refers as the bad teachesr(models), this will become the only cultural contribution of present Japan to the world. As soon as possible, we are necessary to notice the bad smell of the "Japaneses lavatory", and will make an exchange the western-style flush lavatory. Though it has a little inconvenience, if we use it, for an old persons or children, it is ease and useful. Just then, invariably, as usual, a fake man tell that Japanese lavatory has some good emotion still. But, this is different category severely!







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