Let's defend!

the responsible freedom!
If it is deprived the freedom which can believe in the safety of this air, and the freedom which can appeal about the danger of the air polluted by Sarin, we have a possibility to made to believe that the air polluted by Sarin is safety, to be managed with "lie" information that Sarin is not poison, and to pull back again to "the way had walked at one time", then much life is destroyed. Even if Hitler doesn't come out, the lie for the destruction of the life and its order will spoil gradually the people's heart, begin at first to appear with the form of "bullying" to the weak, and "violence" "injustice" will become powerful with "wild heart" "hollow heart". As a matters of course Bureaucrat, Professional politician, the bank, the hospital, and so on, the scoundrel being against the moral code whom even a gang will want to get angry to, one after another, begin to appear from "good man" "amateur" and "children" without mercy. Moreover, useing their as a bait, some of the media(only for making money, to fan readers, dash off anything that their purchase greed is faned, don't hesitate to say that Journalism is one of vulgar literatures, is the sham Journalism.)-("vulgar" literatures itself is wanted to be small.)- blackmail disregarding human rights only for selling ordinary, feed a bad smell poison as information. Then truly, "conscience" meets as scandalous matter, but such a thing has been incorporate in their plan, in this society that "violence" "injustice" have already spread by them and their following persons, ever how much is the shout of the "conscience" accepted? how much people have been catched the shout of this "conscience" sincerely? Now, the cures power of the social "conscience" is being tried. To defend the responsible freedom, to protect human rights that are the freedom of the religion which we believe something or don't believe anything, the freedom of the speech which we can say something that we want to say, can know something that we want to know, and so on, let's make the mechanism of the independence control of the freedom for the responsible freedom with the "control" of the "irresponsible" freedom, without basing on the state power (a state is often managed by the reason of some of the privilege people.). Many people who bear the mechanism must be "world citizen" awaking to the "world" really.






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