Let's cooperate !

If many people of a certain race wish to have the independent state of the race, our world will cooperate haveing their wish fulfilled.
First, our world confirms the common will of both our world and the party concerned, and let's make an effort to look for the land becoming to worthy of the state. Even if the opposition is, let's make an effort to look for the land with tenacity. Even if other such races make a bid one after another somewhere else, let's think about it without the rejection. Even if the race accomplished the independence divides from within still more, and if they wish to have the independent state, let's think about it without the rejection. Still more, even if the state divides from within, and still more, still more, it keeps to divide from within, and at last, even if it have divided to the extent of an individual, let's think about its state. At this time, "I" of an individual am the head of the state(world), and any state(people) cannot be permited to violate to the state(world) without sufficient reason. However, by reason that other countless "I" of an individual also hold in common the same state(world) likewise, the state of "I" of an individual must conclude a rational treaty with the states of other countless "I" of an individual(even if it is a tacit agreement). So, being based on the treaty, the constitution is established, and various laws are made, just, as the head of the state(world) independenting, each "I" of an individual become to have the responsibility to every nook and corner of the state(world)(even if its limit is). Supposing that this is the best state view(world view) in future, at now, the correspondence of above-mentioned matter will become the best only on the course following this. The basis is in the fact that each "I" of an individual always hold in common the same world.







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