Don't shift the sin to God !

Still, there are some hypocrites who say that Holocaust killed millions of people was given rise to by "God's will". Still, there are some hypocrites who calmly say that Genocide killed hundred thousands of people was given rise to by "God's will". There are some hypocrites who don't notice profaneing God rather in spite of intending to put on a defense for God. There are some hypocrites who have the sin of homicide to hundred thousands of people, to millions of people God carry on the back and who make God a murderer or a devil and who blaspheme God. There are some hypocrites who shift all evil, even their own evil to "God's will". Why do they profane God's name shifting their sin carrying on God's back the Cross of "I" of human. The massacre of religious war also, the massacre of witch hunt also, the massacre of north and south America or of colony also, the massacre of Auschwitz also, the massacre of Singapore, Nankin also, the massacre of Hiroshima, Nagasaki also, the massacre of Russia, Soviet also, the massacre of Vietnam, Cambodia also, the massacre of India, Indonesia also, the massacre of Lebanon, Palestine also, the massacre of Armeniya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo also, the massacre of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia also, the massacre by the organization which call themselves God's army also, all of them is the massacre that "I" of human had carried out interpreting at will with the convenience of "I" of human. Never believe the insincere hypocrites, the untidy cowards who don't judge their own evil, don't judge the evil of "I" of human and who don't atone for their sin, don't atone for the sin of evil of "I" of human saying "God's will". The absolute God has no will(does not will) absolutely. The sin "I" of human had commited should be atoned by "I" of human all the way.







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