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Under the trees of full-blown cherry blossoms in the peak of spring, for some companys who are taking advantage of their luck being mellow with Sake, and for some companys who are in the party with many catcalls, with many jeers and with some dozes, it is a boorish that the case that it has passed by a week since the publication that the Prime Minister of Japan entered hospital very badly, but nothing is the explanation from the hospital side in spite of waiting eagerly. But, since this situation that nobody has explained such this very important situation and state for the nation with the responsibility, very unusual something must happened. For example, was poisoned or poisoned, or had some accident after the quarrel with his political opponent, or was hit in a bad spot after he had stumbled over something absentmindedly, or had some cause to lose the authority or the honor of the state or of himself, or run against an edge of Tofu(a sarcastic sentences used in Japan),,, so on. As, to the nation side which is committing professional good work as the sovereign, as the employer, the very important information which should be given from the administration side doesn't have been given having the thing done right, such these guesses which are disagreeable and which make a fool of the nation come out. We can think it nothing but an abnormal thing that nothing is the explanation from the doctor in the last a week even if the top of the democracy state came down with an illness moreover being seriously ill. If they intend to have the nation accept and recognize it as the truth that the contents to be announced saying out of their line themselves by the statesmen not to be specialists, it makes a fool of the nation of the sovereign very much even if the democracy of this state is a mere apology for one. As the inside of "up" is "this tone" as ever, the inside of the "down" of political organ, the inside of the "down" of the relation of boss and follower of bureaucratic organization, the inside of the "down" of administrative organ, the inside of the "down" of many social fabric and the inside of the "down" of many corporation organization also, already have been submerged in "this tone" fully, and the official corruption, the criminal deception and the criminal negligence on the hidden inside of the structure have spread, infested, been discovered. Especially, recently, the blunder on the inside of the police administration have surfaced one after another, and, in cooperation with them, many crime in town, many crime of children also have become brutal, cruel. Therefore YAMANBA makeup(singular makeup of Japanese girl with an appeal of brotherly affection of all race in addition to the repulsion against this world, if be used, sweet), the drug pollution, from cruel scene to lower topic in TV drama and in TV laugh program, handling foods carelessly, the jeers of fool, of silly ass, of blockhead, of dull, and hitting, kicking, knocking on head with the sound-effects of Bishi! Bashi! Bashi! Bishi! are effectively thrown on TV. Such this, unspeakable strange performance of strange country are on parade, and these are producing ominous merry spring with both optimistic something in high glee and nihilistic anything. But the valuable character of these art can't make in a short time, it is a reaction of wholesome spirit which has been makeing a demonstration of dirty something and which has been betrayed as much as being disgusted for a long time in this world. So, more than we should censure the valuable character of these art, we should censure the villains of the hypocrites who are KONKONCHIKI(slickers) of true parent giving birth to the valuable character of these art and who commit one crime after another with important-looking face, with good person's face and who are telling a lie with unconcerned face standing on their dignity being called as SENSEI(teacher, a designation to apple-polish). And, beyond we require the heavy atonement to the crimes of wild adults and to the crimes of most wicked children, we should punish and deal severely with these villains of DORODORO(dirt like sludge), of GUCHAGUCHA(dirt like chewing gum) who are the most wicked hypocrites and who are chiefs of social evil giving birth to them and who are evil statesmen, swindler statesmen, evil bureaucrats, evil public officers and professional politicians being related to traders, etc. And OOOKA ECHIZEN(Presiding Judge and the Chief of Metropolitan Police on the Edo era in Japan) may have said or not that these nefarious villains should do "a punishment to expose their heads to public view after taking a round by their noses in town" as "a warning". And, what is worse, there are the many crime, scandal, fault, criminal negligence, etc, of the police on the side of controling the crime, and they shouldn't exist absolutely, and, especially, recently, beyond the usual case of Mahjong of reception between administration to administration on the inside of police, beyond the many case of squelching and altering of scandal, etc, on the inside of police administration, it was discovered that the case that, by the suspicion that an incumbent member of the Diet of an ex-state public safety commissioner who was commissioned to put out the record of the point of traffic violation to use his titles from a supporter had a managing staff of police carry out it, his secretary and the managing staff of police were arrested. And, in addition, an ex-police administration of an incumbent member of the Diet of a co-worker openly spoke the thing importing "the commissioning nation is eviler than he is" forgetting their own shortcomings of "DORODORO" sinking into their bodys in an interview for this case with TV. But, at present, it is understood as a natural thing because he was a police administration ago. And, if such these fellows of DORODORO and GUCHAGUCHA are crowded UJAUJA(many like swarm) behind "HINOMARU(Japanese national flag), KIMIGAYO(Japanese national anthem)" back in the center of Japan, beyond until now, wholesome YAMANBA keep on dancing, and dozes and catcalls in the party, with the jeers of fool, of silly ass, of blockhead, of dull, the sound of Bishi! Bashi! of the performance to knock on heads by children resound more, and, still more, as they are heard with chorus of KIMIGAYO and of Symphony No.9 by adults, the party of country of HINOMARU under the trees of full-blown cherry blossoms in the peak of spring which is very lively, very joyful, very noisy, builds up all the more.







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