Let's get angry at !

the Evil which destructs Good for Beauty or for Benefit !
To destruct Good for Beauty or for Benefit is Evil, and to destruct Evil for Beauty or for Benefit is Good, and to destruct Beauty or Benefit for Good is Good, and to destruct Beauty or Benefit for Evil is Evil. Good is a purpose, and Beauty or Benefit is a means, and Beauty or Benefit behaves as Good when it becomes the means of Good, and Beauty or Benefit behaves as Evil when it becomes the means of Evil. In former days, there was the man who had done murder actually, and who had taken a photograph the scene, and who had made public it as a work(Beauty). And more it, now there are more brutal movie (this is not simple occult or violence movie) or the kinds of (fake) art than it, making a display of "Absurdity", and there are some (fake) critics (affectation) who cannot notice its true brutality, and is praiseing it, making a display of the specialist, too. When we come across such kind movies or critics or (fake) art(if our mind are healthy, it will be recognized easily), and if we can feel angry it, let's get angry very much and spit at it. It is the intention of the makers, and they know that the quantity of the anger is the barometer of the health and the abundance of the person or the society(let's understand like that for the time being). It looks as though, in now Japan, the anger voice(abundance and health) seems very small(being paralyzed), the brutality can been fed from TV easily. With the approval and the poor accessory of the sponsor (better sound blue-chip company)(Benefit) and the (fake) critic.
For example, the other day, there was the television broadcast of a (brutal)movie (neither B Class nor occult) with the contents that the body of a girl who is "a good girl"(because she was makeing an effort to help the hero in the movie) who is roped her hand and foot between two trucks by a homicidal maniac of the incarnation of "absurdity" is mauled by the operation of the madness. Though this movie poses as the prosecution of "absurdity" of the actual world, who will read into the brutality of "absurdity" of the actual war or terrorism in this movie. The contents is nothing but the show for the audience(the audience of the crazy reason which plays with the ecstasy changing in quality of the beast's instinct which gets the game and eats the meat) in Coliseum of Rome of Nero's age, the show which makes as show the figure of "a Christian girl"(Good) who is inflicted a brutal punishment being exposed to public view. This movie doesn't have at all the honor on side of photographer or writer who took or wrote and prosecuted the "absurdity" of War in the Vietnam war etc, and the thing existing at there is only the shame on the side of just crazy person (person to blaspheme the life) who is exactly doing, making the "absurdity" killing his(their) reason. Who approves of the movie of such hypocrisy(intending to prosecute the "absurdity") that tries to satisfy the desire of the crazy reason which is going mad more than that madness of the murderer who had made public an own crime photograph as his work (makes a hit only to the distorted head). I feel anger very much to the maker who had made such movie by light vanity or affectation(because though she should be able to be save easily, and in other scenes, like always, the miraculous actions were repeated severely, and they knew that the audience had been expecting so very much, nevertheless, intentionally, they took off the expectation and aimed at shock, made a display of, posed as, and they had done the thing which never be done), and still more, to the people concerned who permited making public it, I feel strong resentment, and I see the society of the deteriorating destruction which has exceeding on certain region. If they comment on the Benefit to draw out the effect like this "voice"(idea), such cheating can not pass to the world of human liveing with the human's pride.







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