Let's control ourselves !

the desire of dangerous play by useing the simulation game!
The other day, when I backuped a file by CD of WINDOWES95, I played the game called HOVER of accessory of the CD unconcernedly, but this is fine. Even if this is the plain game of the contents to pick up some flag sooner than the enemy driveing Hovercraft, the presence simulated by 3D has the satisfaction like driveing truly at high speed rideing it, and that feeling to take a curve stepping on the accelerator fully seems to be the same feeling which is left actually, and it may be more satisfactory as being able to act without danger. In practice, I would rather recommend this simulation game than one trys the car chase which gets mixed up in a danger others together oneself. In the same way, as for the actual dangerous war, if the same satisfaction can be given by the realistic thrilling simulation game, I want to recommend, to have the war maniac be enthusiastic this game. With a exciting, beating heart, moreover it give thrilling acting boldly for no danger, and a great weapon, the information and even international arms merchants appear on the stage, and with the wishes of an arms exporting country, the merchants have them launch a missile as a test, and they circulate a false report for the magnification of business, and on the other hand, knowing it full well, a crazy reason trumpets largely and plans the building up military strength under the name of the defense, and he trys to realize his ambition, and such crazy reason offers his service, and this simulation game unraveling the realistic thrilling plot, I want to recommend to just dictator, to just arms merchants, to just crazy reason and to just war maniac, etc. And still more, Gunbatu(military group), Zaibatu(economy group), a professional politician, a fake man of culture, a fake journalist, the media, the masses, a good person, a bad man, an onlooker, an fake entertainer(fake artist), a young officer, a soldier, a spy, a beautiful woman, love, and still kinds of that God, a law, a truth, a state and national consciousness, etc, appear on this stage, and the progress of this plot is complicated in structure and is guaranteed that it is as exciting as being in raptures. First, by the politics of a collusive trick that much bribing is done between a professional politician been taken prisoner of money and Zaibatu of the incarnation of money, the social conditions corrupts, and some young officers resented against it pull a coup d'etat, and the Zaibatu been flurried next allys with Gunbatu which is the incarnation of the desire for fame and of the power-lust and which is a boss of the young officers to dodge the point of their spear, and they consult with the construction of a big empire and of a big economic area which are their common ambition, and to realize it, they use the media, a fake journalist, a fake man of culture, an fake entertainer(fake artist), a bad man and an onlooker, etc, to agitate the masses, and they carry out with God at the head and fan national consciousness, and they have them talk the property of a law of history or a inevitability of history and emphasize the construction of big state or implant the chosen race idea, and they label as a devil to other race to make a scapegoat and fan an obsession, and having the masses brainwashed by these fake information do murder, they invade other country and destroy without limit. - From the beginning, this ambition begun since the talking secretly by the crazy reasons given under-the-table payoffs of usual that between -o dai kan sama-(bad government official in Edo age) and -echi go ya-(bad merchant in Edo age) ought not to complete(the crazy reason can create nothing but the world of the crazy reason, in short, the destruction), and at last, by the great weapon, the state was ruined. And before this ruin, that many young naval officers appear on this stage, too. They decided to become the shields and fell to defend their state and their family from the enemy being a nose-tip away with pure spirit without knowing that it is originally a victim by the thick corrupted ambition of the crazy reasons and dirty adults. Who again agitate the young people and the masses and who again drive them to make a war which is the crazy to betray the death of that pure young people? Let's control ourselves a desire of war by useing the simulation game(but, the degree of the radical contents also and the degree of the enthusiasm also will be cool)!







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