It's dangerous !

Way do you hurry to get into the law "kimigayo"(being used as a national anthem in Japan now)? The betrayal to big good brings the big destruction. The act to betray to the good heart(intentions) of the countries in which many blood relations were killed by "kimigayo"(the reign of -ten nou-(the Emperor) of Japan in the last big war) brings the big destruction. If you try to go through it without the national consensus under the understanding of the whole nation to the contents of the text and without the confirmation of the national consensus, at least, you should hear of the opinion of people in the Korea Peninsula who were supremely given pain by "kimigayo"(the reign of -ten nou-(the Emperor) of Japan in the last big war), and specially, to the rulers of North Korea(Democratic People's Republic of Korea), you should confirm not to make an experiment of a missile and not to carry a nuclear warhead at the warhead and not to choose Tokyo as the target and not to make the just cause that the cause is Japan became the totalitarian state of an aggressive policy by getting into the law the "kimigayo" as a just cause to pull the trigger of the firing of the missile. North Korea(Democratic People's Republic of Korea) has already the actual results to fire the missile without announcing beforehand and to have the missile pass through over Japan. Therefore, it will be the consideration to the hard facts that we think about the worst scenario that they fire a nuclear warhead into Tokyo without announcing beforehand, won't it? I want to try to knock at stupid heads of green "kimigayo" discussion.







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