It's dangerous !

It is clear that who is the gainer owing to be prolonged the war. To them, the taste of a steak, of a caviar and of some claret will be special in return for the shedded blood of many children. By the side of the human who makes a living by the homicide and its tools, another comrade takes up the position. The crazy reason which doesn't take the destruction of others life to heart for his ambition or for his fame is taking a gritty wearisome meal similarly. We shouldn't permit to have a madness hold a weapon, and we shouldn't make the environment that a madness can hold a weapon with ease, and we shouldn't permit to give a madness the position which can manage a weapon freely. The madness is always with crazy destruction, and a man standing a higher position(from a man of power, rulers, a religious leader, etc, to a man holding an information or a weapon) may be a mentally deranged person who likes blood and who is excited to the destruction of life in the abnormal degree more than the abnormal degree of an ordinary person, and if it's so, setting aside the sham appearance, to the mentally deranged person, a chemical weapon, a bomb, etc, and the soldiers who do murder useing the weapons and the target(victim) of the weapons are only moderate toys, and he will look upon the destruction of life also and the upright conference also as only one of games. At this time, if it is said that the each victims are given the abnormal privilege which can abnormaly pick off the a part of the living flesh of the mentally deranged person, it will be a bit too strong words?







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