It's dangerous !

Not in the world of movie or of fiction, but in the world of actuality, it is known that there is the fact that human who can be unmoved at all even if he does murder is made and, for one pro-establishment or for one organization or for one group, etc, it has him do murder in old times and now too. It is very natural, as the life to create, feeling denial reaction or feeling hatred or feeling guilt-consciousness to the destruction of the life, and it is very natural as normal human apart from other animals, even if it is for living, as for the act eating the flesh after killing the life, feeling sorry to the killed life, and if he is a human who can be unmoved at all and who doesn't have guilt-consciousness at all even if he does murder, his mind is abnormal to normal human, and the group which makes the human of abnormal mind and which is organized by the human of abnormal mind is the group of mentally deranged persons(because already being abnormal mind, the conference or the persuasion can't be carried) even if it professes itself to be religious or charitable organization, and that whether it is truly the group of mentally deranged persons, or not can be known nothing but the correct information related to its idea and its act. Actually, on the basis of its idea, many people were already killed, and even now, if, on the basis of its idea, the group keeps to make the human of abnormal mind frequently, the group is just one of mentally deranged persons, and, without being cheated by the appearance or the soft-spoken manner or make-believe logic(convenient reason), according to circumstances, before the crazy minds do again murder with the deadly weaponias becoming crazy isn't the limit, specially, the crazy minds which believe the ruin of mankind and which try to realize it have a crazy weapon,,, a nuclear weapon, a germ weapon, a chemical weapon, etc), it is necessary to have them enter the mental hospital or institution. Though differing from gun control(but the danger is the degree not to able to compare the gun not to act), because they are patients falling ill of mind, we should have them enter the mental hospital or institution to be treated their illness of the mind, and if their illness of the mind are light comparatively, we should have them come sound their home, and when they become normal, should have them be back on the society, and this is the same with the case of medical poisoning patients or alcoholics on the treatment. By the way, how is the ""-ka hou-(effect and compensation) of the act which doesn't have the guilt-consciousness at all even if having done murder(by a drug or a mind control)? If he doesn't have the guilt-consciousness to the act at all, just, though he is a human, he is in ""-ka hou-(effect and compensation) of a stone(matter) or of an amoeba or of a vermin. It is aready living in ""-san aku dou-(three bad way)(""-ji goku-(hell), ""-ga ki-(greedy demon), ""-chi ku syo-(beast)). The laugh of a mentally deranged person isn't always by a pleasant or a feeling of happiness(because his mind is abnormal).







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