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Today is, 8.15, in Japan, the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War !

and the day of the end of the World War II !

Today of 58 years before, August 15.1945, !
For 14 years, from 1931 to 1945, !
"Yasukuni Shintoism nation military regime" of Japan killed millions of their own nation people and killed tens of millions of foreign nations people were killed !

That "Yasukuni Shrine" of the Imperial Headquarters, !
this year also, !
into the "Yasukuni Shrine" of the Imperial Headquarters, !
the public men of Cabinet ministers and assemblymen with the president at the head of the group enter and pray before the altar in Japan !

These ghosts of the "Yasukuni Shintoism nation military regime" !
The phrase of "for the peace " which was spoken from the mouths of these ghosts of the "Yasukuni Shintoism nation military regime" is !
the same "big excrement" (large hypocrisy) to the phrase of that "for the peace of Asia, for the Large East Asia Paradise Construction" which was spoken from the mouths of that "Yasukuni Shintoism nation military regime" of 60 years before !

That selfish reason, !
(the ambition of imperialism, political power upkeep, lust for power, revelation avarice, success-in-life avarice, lust for money, source of votes to line their pockets, and face of "gold leaf", etc,)
By the selfish reason, !
the "spirit property" which can disregard the "big sacrifice", the "big pain" and "earnest wish" cried from them of the side of victims, I

that "spirit property" !
makes an "atomic bomb" !
and makes an "atomic bomb" drop !
and drops an " atomic bomb" !

The "Yasukuni Shintoism nation military regime" of ""-ton yan ki- (Oriental demon) !
The records of so-called "army of the Tennou (Japanese Emperor)" of the "Yasukuni Shintoism nation military regime" of ""-ton yan ki- (Oriental demon) !
(the "" -in nen- (cause and second cause and effect) of the selfish invasion and the surprise attack is included)

"(This extract is made from http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/i/kunsu_mun/zzz/as950101.htm)
1995.01.01 Asahi newspaper report: Asia and the Pacific War seen by data, that war (new year special edition, part 5)

The number of war victims of each nations

We referred for the number of war victims of Asian nations to the government of each nations, but there were no formal statistics except for China and Thailand. Then, we introduce the number of the investigation of the public organization and learning persons of each nations, the number of the investigation of Professor Masato Miyachi of the Institute for the Compilation of Historical Material of the Tokyo University, and the number of the description of "high school Japanese history B" (Jikkyo publisher) of the textbook authorized Ministry of Education in the 1993 fiscal year (illness death-from-starvation persons are included), etc. The death toll added the military men and the civilians together. The period is among the Pacific War (1941 - 1945 years) except for China.
In the sentence, are Professor Miyachi's investigation and are "high school Japanese history B".

- - - - - China -
According to the Chinese government data, "21 million people", from 1937 to 1945.
According to Professor Wan Gyosyu of the Beijing University history department, "21 million-23 million people", for the same period.
12,215,000 people (a total from the Manchurian Incident in 1931)
10 million people (for the same period).

- - - - - The Korean Peninsula -
The estimation of the South Korean government on a basis the number of military-men army civilian employees list and the number of commandeered laborers is "at least 350,000 people to 360,000 people".
210,000 people, 200,000 people.

- - - - - Taiwan -
On the list of names with which the Red Cross of Taiwan was provided from the Japanese government, 29,000 people. 33,000 people.
In either case, the sum total of the military men and the army civilian employees who joined the Japanese army.

- - - - - Hong Kong -
The number of burial and cremation persons of the British Commonwealth of Nations war-dead burial committee is 6403 people.
According to the wording of a telegram addressing to the home government from the Hong Kong the government]general, military men are 365 people and, by the execution, etc, in prisons, 10,000 civilians, in addition, by the starvation, 60,000 people.

- - - - - Singapore -
According to Professor Miyachi, the researchers of the China descent society and the home country on the spot have the accepted opinion that "overseas Chinese, 40,000-50,000 people were slaughtered", but, it seems that, in the confidential documents of the Department of the Army report part secret papers of Japan has been recorded "6000 - 7000 people, slaughter". 80,000 people.

- - - - - Malaysia -
Overseas Chinese, 40,000-50,000 people.

- - - - - Philippines -
According to the diplomatic documents about the Japan-Philippines compensatory negotiation in an AYARA museum, 1,111,900 people. 1 million people.

- - - - - Thailand -
The number which the Thailand government reported to the U.S. in 1947, 7928 people.

- - - - - Indonesia -
In the San Francisco peace conference in 1951, Indonesia government representative said, "Loss of the human life of the term under Japanese occupation is 4 million people". 2 million people.

- - - - - Vietnam -
2 million people. Almost death-from-starvation persons.

- - - - - Laos, Cambodia -
There is neither formal numbers.

- - - - - Myanmar -
50,000 people.

- - - - - India -
just over 3,500,000 people. Almost death-from-starvation persons.

* The number of victims of other main nations except an Asian area in the Second World War is as follows according to Mr. Kengo Tominaga's investigation who is a war history compilation official in the Defense training institute of an one]time Defense Agency (at present, Defense institute).

- - - - - Soviet Union -
16,115,000 people (6,115,000 military men, 10 million civilians).
- - - - - Germany -
6,600,000 people (3,250,000 military men, 3,350,000 civilians).
- - - - - Poland -
5,550,000 people (550,000 military men, 5 million civilians).
- - - - - U.S. -
545,108 people (military men).
- - - - - British Commonwealth of Nations -
592,767 people (532,172 military men, 60,595 civilians).
- - - - - Italy -
559,803 people (380,000 military men, 179,803 civilians).
- - - - - France -
433,000 people (245,000 military-men, 188,000 civilians).

The civilian death toll classified by all prefectures of Japan (the number is of people)

Hokkaido 835,
Gifu 1377,
Saga *225,
Aomori 750,
Shizuoka *6473,
Nagasaki 75215,
Iwate *688,
Aichi 12192,
Kumamoto *1008,
Miyagi 1317,
Mie *3600,
Ooita *550,
Akita *73,
Shiga 45,
Miyazaki *708,
Yamagata 24,
Kyoto 346,
Kagoshima *3719,
Fukushima *783,
Osaka 12620,
Okinawa 94000,
Ibaragi *2626,
Hyogo 11246,
Tochigi 602,
Nara *68,
Gunma 1178,
Wakayama 1937,
Saitama *713,
Tottori *120,
Chiba 1782,
Shimane 19,
Tokyo 92778,
Okayama *1782,
Kanagawa *6637,
Hiroshima 199138,
Niigata *1188,
Yamaguchi *2568,
Toyama 2361,
Tokushima *581,
Ishikawa *35,
Kagawa 1381,
Fukui *1758,
Ehime *1346,
Yamanashi 1198,
Kochi 647,
Nagano 53,
Fukuoka 5259,

(During Pacific War, the number of the civilians who were killed by the bombardment from warships or air raids. We referred them to each all prefectures of Japan. In case of indefiniteness, we used the number of "damage synthesis report of our nation in the Pacific War" of the Economic Stabilization head office in 1949 (* mark). Hiroshima Prefecture, 118,661 A-bomb victims (in 1946, Hiroshima City investigation), Nagasaki Prefecture, 73,884 A-bomb victims (in 1949, Nagasaki atomic bomb data preservation committee investigation), Okinawa prefecture, the victims of ground war (1945.4 - .6), each are included.)

"(This extract is made from http://opinion.nucba.ac.jp/~kamada/H15KAsia/Asia15-3.html)

The Japanese (Korean and Taiwanese are included) Death toll after Sino-Japanese War (1937): total about 3,100,000 people.

Japan (Okinawa and circumference area are included),
907,000 people.

Karafuto, Chishima, and Aleutians,
24,000 people.

53,000 people.

Manchuria and Mongolia,
247,000 people.

China mainland,
466,000 people.

Korean Peninsula,
54,000 people.

42,000 people.

518,000 people.

French ]owned Indochina, Thailand, Murray,
35,000 people.

Burma, India,
167,000 people.

Dutch ]owned Indochina, New Guinea, Solomon Islands,
343,000 people.

Central part Pacific Islands,
247,000 people.

The number of victims each nations,

10 -21 million people.
Chinese government data, 21 million people.

Korean Peninsula,
200,000 - 360,000 people.
South Korean government estimating, 350,000 - 360,000 people.

about 30,000 people.

Hong Kong,
70,000 people,
execution etc, 10,000 civilians, starvation, 60,000 people.

80,000 people.
According to scholars on the spot, overseas Chinese were killed 40,000 - 50,000 people, but according to the army document, 7000 - 7000 people by slaughter.

40,000 - 50,000 people.

1 million or more people.

8000 people.

2 million people.

2 million people.
Almost death-from-starvation persons.

Laos Cambodia,

50,000 people.

Papua New Guinea,
40,000 - 50,000 people.

just over 3,500,000 people.h

"(This extract is made from http://homepage2.nifty.com/mazzn/144149.htm)

Human damage of the Asia-Pacific war (mainly, death toll)
The following number which the student in Bunkou junior high school collect materials from embassies, etc.

China ... dead persons: -- 3,210,000 military men and guerrillas, 10 million or more general citizens,
the total, 13,210,000 people.

Korea ... the war dead and people been missing, 150,000 people, enforced taking, 700,000 people,
war criminals, 23 people (B, C, class war criminals) out of 148 people were executed.

Vietnam ... 1944-45, 2 million people, death from starvation, revolutionists, etc, 2000 people slaughter, 1/7 of the whole population died.

Indonesia ... the 100,000 death-from-starvation people (exact number is unknown).

Philippines ... dead: 20,000 military men, 29,621 guerrillas,
the total, 49,621 people.

India ... the number could not collect materials.

Singapore ... About 80,000 general citizens death.

Burma ... Tens of thousands of people are death (exact number is unknown).

Ceylon... Japanese army planes bombed to the mental hospital.

Laos ... An exact number is unknown.

Cambodia ... We could not collect materials.

New Zealand ... dead: 11625 military men.

Australia ... We could not collect materials.

East Asia area total 12,980,000 people.

Japan (oversea lands and Okinawa are not included) ... dead: -- 1,555,308 military men and army civilian employees, 299,485 citizens,
death toll 1,854,793 people, injured persons and people been missing, 678,232 people.

(The source: Iwanami 'Japanese historical material charge 5 contemporary period' publishing 'kouei Honda collection' in 1994)"

That "Yasukuni shintoism nation military regime", what is called "Tennou (emperor)'s army" committed in east Asia, that crime !

"For the peace" which they said, that phrase is complete "big excrement" (large hypocrisy) !

Although the phrase of "appreciation" to the victim of Okinawa which was left behind to the will of a commander of the Japanese army in the Okinawa battle was introduced by TV, it is what "Matrix" of Japan skillfully expanded and spread abroad his sentimental confession which did not know the fighting scene of the end from the position of a commander!

What did many imperial military men do in the fighting scene of the mud of various parts of Okinawa !

The bereaved families of Okinawa have to hand down the naked fact from generation to generation at future generations in the same way of Hiroshima and of Nagasaki !

"(This extract is made from http://www.ss.iij4u.or.jp/~nfuji/index.fuzoku2.htm#taiheiyou)

"War propaganda", 10 laws (ANNU MORERI work. from Soshi-Sha)

1, "We do not want the war"
2, "but, the enemy side expected the war with one-sided thought"
3, "The enemy's leader is a human being like an evil spirit"
4, "We fight not for a territory or hegemony but for a great mission"
5, "We may also take out sacrifices accidentally. But the enemy has attained to the atrocity purposely"
6, "The enemy uses dirty arms and dirty strategies"
7, "The damage which we suffered is small and the damage inflicted on the enemy is serious"
8, "The artists and the intellectuals are also supporting the justice fights"
9, "Our justice is sacred"
10, "Whoever throw a question at this justice are betrayers"

And at the first in the roll !

I want to add this,

"We war for peace (to defense)" !

As the "Nuclear possession propaganda" of same class of the "War propaganda",

there is a phrase that "if Japan had had atomic bombs, the atomic bomb should not have fallen to "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" !

Just before "Hiroshima and Nagasaki", if Japan had had "atomic bombs" (ICBM), from environment of those times, Japan should make sure to be dropped on the United States ! And the United States also should make sure to be dropped on Tokyo in Japan !

If, at the time of peace, both sides had had "atomic bombs" (ICBM) and had known the power, possibly, we might have avoided the war !

But, the "Nuclear possession propaganda" leads to the "Nuclear possession" of among many nations, we doubt the wisdom of that it is possible for the above nuclear deterrent among many nations, and this is danger very much !

If "Nuclear proliferation" were to advance, the probability that the mushroom cloud rises on "U.S.A" shall be sure to go up, !
(Justly, also "Japan" of that mirror, also "North Korea" of that mirror !)

and the existence of all life on the earth is threatened, considerably !

Therefore, the " Nuclear possession " has to been controlled and managed altogether mankind, !

and the "United States" is demanded the "Disarmament of extensive slaughter arms" with the threat of "Military power attack" by the "United States"'s self like he did to "Iraq" !

Just, the "atomic bomb" is, !
the "enemy" of not only human beings but the whole "life" !
and it is an act of "devil spirit" !

Since the "big sacrifice", the "big pain", !
that "we shall never mistake again", !
we declare and swear to the world, !
and keep attentively to the idea of "Renunciation-of-war" of "Peace constitution", !
thanks to it, our "peace" and our "prosperity" is brought about and is maintained up to today !

Nevertheless, now and again, the "Scatology regime" of the survivor of that "Yasukuni shintoism nation military regime" desire to return that disgusting (military) regime and they make "Official visiting Yasukuni shrine" as constant official event and, for the sake of national control, approved "National registration number system Law", approved "Personal information control Law", approved "War (contingency) Law", and approved detachment of "armed forces", !
and they have destroyed the idea of "Peace constitution" we have kept for 50 years, !

and the "ardent wish" to the "peace" of "soul" of the millions of, 10 millions of victims including the victims of atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in "World War II", !
when the "Ardent wish" is burnt and betrayed, !

by what means, we can press down the "" -in nen- (cause and second cause and effect) of anger of the "soul" !

That "Yasukuni Shrine" of the Imperial Headquarters, !
this year also, !
into the "Yasukuni Shrine" of the Imperial Headquarters, !
the public men of Cabinet ministers and assemblymen with the president at the head of the group enter and pray before the altar in Japan, !

and, on this day, on the altar to which the "foolish persons" stare, the "spirits of dead soldiers" who had skewered children by their bayonet have been enshrined, !

and, in the same "the altar in Woods", at the point of eyes of the "commander]in]chief" he is staring, there is a "vacant seat" been quiet, !
the "folly" of the "foolish persons" has a thirst for the appearance of a hero of the "vacant seat" !

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