In Iraq, battles still continue, children have been dead one after another by medical-treatment-ran short and food-ran short !

If there had been no the false "dirty war" ! of the "stratagem", !
not need to have died,
many "children, mothers, and youth"

"have been killed" !
Never forget it !

The "justice" in the world has being soiled !
In each place of the world, battles break out !
The world is hit "battles" and "abnormal weather" !
In Japan, boulder flow calamity !
The sun does not shine in spite of the summer of the dog days !

They will not understand "" -dai hou bou- (destruction (soiling, disgracing, making be invisible) of big Buddha's law) !
The "fanatics" (some people who deify, like deifing the Absolute, Daisaku Ikeda (the president SGI (Soka Gakkai International))) !

They will not understand the meaning of supporting the "dirty war" ! and the "dirty murder" !
The "foolish persons" (mainly foolish political leaders) ! and the "fanatics" !

For the persons looking unconcerned who think the "dirty support" is nothing serious !

For example !
the "dirty" in the "dirty war", in the "dirty murder" is !

the thing like "strangling" nonresistant "a mother or a child", !

and the "dirty support" is

the thing like "holding hand and foot" of the "mother or child" down not to move, !

Or, will they be going to say the "bomb" is cleaner ?

The United States never individually had decided to do the "dirty war", the "dirty murder" !

The United States had decided it indeed because there were the countries, the organizations, and the people which supported it at the very beginning !
(although, certainly, there were "Matrix" of the dirty Ruler !)

That is, for "strangling" "a mother or a child" ("dirty war", "dirty murder"), !
there were the criminals "holding hand and foot down" at the very beginning not to struggle (dirty support) !

The "crime" that is "dirty support" of the "dirty war" and of the "dirty murder", !
the organization which asserts an orthodox preserver of "" -syou hou- (right law (the truth of the best good of Buddhism)) had committed !
So, horrifying ! So, "" -dai hou bou- !

By only this point, the "gold leaf" of "gold" (absolute) of the leader of the organization peels off !
Therefore, the dirty rotten cloth of the paper tiger appears, !
notwithstanding, the "fanatics" who cannot see it, will not see it !
and "goodwill" and "sincerity" of the good people and the good organization have been used for the "gold leaf", for the "" -dai hou bou- !

Also today, in the organ of "Ikeda sect",
like nothing happened, looking unconcerned,
the "golden (absolute) hero" is praised !
And, for the "peace", "nonviolent", and "humanity",
as the voices of the praise from the world,
with the photograph, with the big title,
the name of the public institution of some countries, of some scholars, and of some well-known persons appear in the organ !
But it means that they are supporting the "holding hand and foot down" of the "dirty murder" !

Just, the "" -dai hou bou- of the "heresy" makes
"nothingness", "battle", and "famine" in the world !

The "founder" of "Ikeda sect" that is "large destroyer", "large enemy", "" -dai hou bou- to "" -ho ke kyo hon mon- (true gate of ) !

Making the "face" (-zou jou man- (being self-conceited as the highest person)) on the "contributions of -gon mon- (makeshift, temporary gate)" of the "golden hero",
he has commited the "" -dai hou bou- because of his political stratagem !

And, by the "" -in nen- (cause and second cause and effect) of the "contributions of " -gon mon- of the "golden hero",
before long, he will be born as a "dictator" (king),

and, by the "" -in nen- of the "" -dai hou bou- because of his political stratagem,

before long, he will become the "large destroyer" of the "dictator" of the religious politician !

Just, at "now and here", "North Korea" becomes the "mirror" and has been reflecting the "heresy" !

Now ! -syaku buku- (blaming for evil and making reform) !
To the good persons in the world who are used for the "gold leaf" of the rotten paper tiger, for the "" -dai hou bou- !
let's tell this "fact" !

Now ! -syaku buku- !
Appealing with the "fact" and the "truth" (the interpretation of the best good), !
at "now and here", let's do ""-ha syaku- (beating evil and making reform) this evil of "Matrix" !

Shine ! Shine !
Becoming independent, Shining itself !
Like stars (fixed stars) of the Sun !

Fly and Go ! Fly and Go !
Becoming independent, Shining itself !
Like stars (fixed stars) of the Sun !

Over the infinite space-time !

Run and Go ! Run and Go !
Friends !
On your ("I") way of "the best good" !

With the "great joy", a Hero of victory !
With the "great joy", a Hero of victory !