At the end of 2000 years

A topic of a very local country. In this country, till when continue the politics and the administration which made the nation of a BAKA (fool) of? Someone says the Shinkansen is made without a chance of going into the black to a local line using a large amount of taxes, besides, it is made in home land of Mr. So-and-so of that Prime Minister and it is made in the place only which many debts will continue increasing even if it is made and runs, and, at the same time, it is made in the location frozen (stopped) until now too. And a SENSEI (member-of-the-Diet) says joyfully that this DORO (muddy) politics will continue throughout. It is the politics that is visible only to the administrative reform that only pretends to do so taking out a tongue to the nation. That political party (Komei party) that must have dared to have entered into the DORO (muddy) in order to change the DORO (muddy) politics would be doing what. Is the drama winning a losing game in the DORO (muddy) play of these members of the Diet, governmentfs official, traders and a district where a candidate can expect many votes?

In addition one more, they are very local a topic. Along Edogawa on the reverse side of that famous Taisyakuten of Katsushika Shibamata, the 10m wide brand-new road that the anytime doesn't pass since it had made is under construction, and the whole surface of the beautiful pavement stripped off completely, and it seems that it does over again paving. At this time, Ah! Ah! Again and still, it is done, the administration that made the nation a BAKA (fool). Wholesome citizens, if you see the administration that made the nation BAKA, you need to contact a nearby Ombudsman rapidly. Wholesome lawyers and intelligent persons need to start many Ombudsmen all over the country rapidly and to reply to the people's voice. And let's make the politicians, public officers and the trades in charge repay as the compensation.

Next, the United States topic. At last, in spite of being finished the constipational election, but maybe owing to the very long constipation and maybe owing to watching too long the constipation of all worlds, as if all worlds become a constipation syndrome, the stock price in the world is not desirable (in Japan, the politics is bad). In that Hollywood movie, generally, at the final reversal, " human rights " wins always, but, maybe, in this DOTABATA (slapstick comedy), because of Florida, the " procedure (stratagem) " had beaten the " human rights " after all, and as it had finally come to the conclusion of the constipation about out of character with the United States, it seems that the United States citizen who consents it well, indulging in self-scorn, takes the stock fall for no reason,,,. Although which becomes the President, not only the United States, the people in the world who worry the constipation syndrome must have considered that it is shapely settled with a sufficient feeling after checking clearly the intention of the vote of each of the United States with a standard decided soundly.

Well, because it is one of things that the human does, everyone thinks that it is the best plan to make the damage into the minimum and to make use it in the next efficiently.And yet, if compared with the cheerfulness of U.S. politics (although it has some DORO (mud)), how smell of DORO (mud) Japanese politics and administration they are! Hold out! Ombudsman!






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