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By the arrest of "Iraqi President Saddam Hussein", "Japanese traitors" planning from "Iraq dispatch of Japanese Self-Defense Forces" to the "revision of the constitution" and to the "expansion of armaments" became enlivened unexpectedly !

Although it is not sure whether a Japanese TV station is one of that "public relations office" or not, this afternoon (17:25 2003/12/15), in the "Super News" of TV program of "Fuji TV" in Japan, both the report which takes for granted that one-time "Halabja incident" to the Kurds in Iraq was Iraqi doing and the contents which asserts the justification of this "Iraq war" given rise by the United States and England using that report as one of the bases are like a plain "information strategy" (as if it is suggestive of the activity of the press of direct connection with "Dai-hon-ei" (the Imperial Headquarters of Japan one time)) in order to spur on from the justification of "Iraq dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan" to the justification of the "constitutional amendment". After this, this sort "report" will come out increasingly, and, will guide the "public opinion" of Japan and will make Japan go to "past that way". Therefore, for we make stop them, let's severe check such "report" ! Check, the contents of "Halabja incident" ! Let's investigate it by the Internet!

Cf. the following (within grade of reference to the bitter end ) !

This extract is made from "http://homepage3.nifty.com/visual-biker/history/frame-ku/ha.html"

The Kurds call this "Halabja incident" "Hiroshima, Nagasaki of the Kurd" from size of the damage, but, the incident was known a little people of the world. It is because Western countries had tolerated this incident ! Before the Iranian revolution, the Soviet Union had supported Iraq and the United States had supported Iran. However, by the rapid modernization policy in Iran, the disparity in wealth grew and the look of stores and houses on a street westernized, and women of European and American style with much exposure walked along a town in Islam although a woman must not show the skin, and therefore people faithful to Islam led to the Iranian revolution holding up "Islamic fundamentalism". After this, In Iran, the United States was called "large evil spirit" being looked on as an enemy, and Islamic fundamentalists tried to spread the Islamic revolution to the would from Iran. The United States feared that the Islamic revolution would spread in the surrounding countries, and began to support Iraq that was turning against Iran, and supported a lot of arms to Iraq. Taking advantage of so, British, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, the Soviet Union, and East European countries, etc. exported a lot of arms to Iraq. In other words, Iraq was a "large customer" which bought many arms. Therefore, if this "Halabja incident" had become the focus of criticism from the would, since the countries that sold arms to Iraq in large quantities would also been blamed simultaneously, this incident was tolerated. Instead, it is ironical, that Turkey that was not accepted Kurd refugee blamed internationally.

This extract is made from "http://nippon.zaidan.info/seikabutsu/2002/00484/contents/080.htm"

Just before the noise, Ms. Beers introduced the just completed government publicity magazine "Iraq: From Fear to Freedom". That contents is "1988.3.16, in Halabja town of northern Iraq, 5000 Kurd residents died by the toxic gas of the Iraq army", and which was distributed all over the world with the meaning of an appeal against the support to that Iraq attack. That magazine has many photographs of woman who fell on a roadside carrying a baby on her back and dead children, etc. She said, "The information which we send must be a tale which moves their hearts". President Bush also often mentioned about this "Halabja incident", and which became the symbol of "the unjust Hussein Administration that killed its own country people by the toxic gas". However, in fact, this incident has many mysteries. CIA analyst Stephen Pelletiere (ret. prof at the Army War College) who was the charge of Iraq of that time asserted, "That toxic gas was by not Iraq but Iran". He said those victims had shown the signs that had died by cyanogen (hydrocyanic acid) gas only with Iran in the Iran-Iraq War at that time. According to that ret. professor, the intelligence service of the Department of Defense which had done the field survey of Halabja, in spring of 90, as a circles report, concluded that murder of Kurds had depended on the gas of Iran. However, the investigating committee of Congress announced, "The Iraq army killed 100,000 Kurds with a mustard gas and a nerve gas", therefore, it is said the Iraq slaughter theory gained ground. But no less than 100,000 people can kill at once by the gas released not to the locked-up room but to outdoors ? The specialists who looked doubtful were not few. After that, like that publicity magazine, the death toll of "5000 persons" came to be used abundantly. In October of last year, the CIA report put down "hundreds of the dead persons" and showed the big difference from the number for that advertisement (5000 persons). Although that truth is still a mystery, not only "Halabja incident" but the information which came out to the table at once goes out of control and forms the public opinion. That the U.S. government employs the important figure of an advertising community is because of thinking the global image strategy as important. The budget of public diplomacy cut down about 40 percent after the end of the cold war, however, after 9.11, increased, and, in the current fiscal year, about 290 million dollars (about 34,500 million yen) were appropriated. The greater part of the activity is for the Middle East. Mr. Christopher Ross who plays a vice-minister's assistance said, "The aim of that activity is a logistical support of the U.S. diplomacy". The figure of the U.S. government that takes great pains for the information warfare can be grasped in the "VOA incident", too. Immediately after that terror, the U.S. government system media "Voice of America" (VOA) succeeded in the interview with Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar who was governing Afghanistan.

This extract is made from "http://www.kcn.ne.jp/~gauss/jsf/iraq.html"

Those days, surely, Iraq was equipped with illegal biological and chemical weapons, and used the toxic gas for war with Iran. The country that taught the manufacture technology of weapons, and presented medicine and bacteria, and gave the newest equipments such as computer is the United States. This was the policy of Reagan Administration advanced through the 80s. Those days, the country to which the United States was considering as the first enemy is Iran, and was friendship-related the Hussein Administration that turned against Iran. The United States was performing various military aids for the Hussein Administration. In these, the support by secret work of CIA included, however, now, it is not secret and we can verify from the report submitted to U.S. Parliament. For example, American LaFarge company is one of the company of the U.S. and Europe that contributed to manufacture of a toxic gas under the instruction of the Reagan Administration. The substantial proprietor of this company was Vice-President Bush (the present President's father) and Hillary Clinton was also a director of this company. They who support that aggression against Iraq will defend saying that, even if the Reagan Administration and the first Bush Administration were concerned with manufacture of that chemical weapon, and tolerated the illegal act using that chemical weapon in a battlefield, there is no change in the fact that Iraq slaughtered the Kurd in own country. But it is the clear fact that the report of Secretary of State Schultz was entire falsehood and only propaganda. April 1990, the Pentagon (the Department of Defense) announced an investigation report (Iraq Power and U.S.Security in the Middle East). [5] According to it, in the Iraq-Iran war, both armies were using the toxic gas. There was no the "slaughter of a hundred thousand" of the report of Secretary of State Schultz but the number of the dead Kurdish people was hundreds. It was because the toxic gas of the Iran army used to the Iraq army. Dr. Stephen Pelletiere who took a leading part in that investigation by US Army War College took chief charge of Iraq in CIA till 1987. He came to a conclusion as follows. That Kurdish people was killed by hydrocyanic acid gas. At that time, Iraq had used irritating poisonous gas, and didn't have the capability to manufacture hydrocyanic acid gas. Those victim's dead bodies said 100,000 people is not found until now. He concluded that Secretary of State Schultz's Kurd slaughter theory was an invention. [6] Immediately after the conclusion of the Iraq-Iran war, Secretary of State Schultz reported that slaughter. This propaganda would mean the conversion of that policy. It succeeded in exhausting Iran of enemy country helping Iraq. This would be the declaration "The next enemy is Iraq". Since the report of the Pentagon was opposed to the view of the Department of State, it was reported widely those days when it had been announced. But the tradition of that slaughter was survived. Kurd victim's photographs were printed on memory of people surrounding in the world. Early in this year, New York Times, etc. adopted that interpretive article. It repeated in the Iraq related articles, too, and is useful to justifying the aggression against Iraq of the Bush Administration.

This extract is made from "http://nuclearfree.lynx.co.nz/gas.htm"

In his radio address on March 15, "DUBYA" Bush reminded his listeners the next day to be the 15th "bitter anniversary" of Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons attack on the Iraqi Kurdish village of Halabja. Bush reportedly called Saddam as one of the "most cruel dictator in the history".
But in fact it is the USA that militarily helped and equipped Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. And it is American LaFarge company that provided Iraq with chemical weapon materials. It is reported that "Papa" Bush was the owner and Hillary Clinton was a director of this company. Moreover, the very claim that Kurdish people of Halabja were killed by Iraq's toxic gas was found to be fake.
Such a pack of shameless lies from DUBYA's mouth seems to prove him to be a kind of crude ape. And interestingly this day (March 16) is the 35th anniversary of MY LAI massacre in which American troops raped and killed as much as 500 unarmed residents, many of which were women and children and elders, in My Lai village on this day of 1968 during Vietnam war.
Today we shall voice the My Lai massacre in antiwar rallies. Let's remind ourselves and other people of the fact of wars by US and other contries has been always bloody massacre of unarmed people, among all, women and children and elders.



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