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At last, two diplomats of Japan fell victim in Iraq !

More and more, ! forcefully, !
with their "faces" and their " follies", !
that "Yasukuni Scatology big excrement regime" !
has drawn Japan in a morass of the evil (destruction) of that "dirty war", "dirty murder", and of that "terror" !

After World War II, in 58 years, Japan doesn't have been attacked from foreign countries ! This is becuase Japan doesn't have sent troops the armed forces to foreign countries under the "peace constitution" substantially, in a word, because Japan doesn't have taken out "weapons" which are the "target" being the highest in the priorities on military affairs to foreign countries substantially !

If Japan breaks it, it is clear that the "target" (persons having "weapons" and the country bearing them) being the highest in the priorities on military affairs will be attacked !

That "attack" will bear again the "attack" of "retaliation" of "anger" of "stubbornness" of "face" and, still more, will destroy and will be destroyed !

The worldwide "trust" and the "expectation" of Japan being a symbol of the "peace constitution" which have been built up on the reason that Japan doesn't have taken out "weapons" to foreign countries until now are broken by the "betrayal" to the "Afghanistan" and, at last, to the "Iraq war" of "injustice" and "no just cause" of the "dirty war", the "dirty murder", and Japan will draw in a morass of the evil (destruction), more and more, !forcefully, ! making been changed the "just cause" of that war from the "destruction of mass-murder weapons" to "Down with Hussein regime", and to "extermination of Terror" now !

How much that "" -dai hou bou- (destruction (soiling, disgracing, making be invisible) of big Buddha's law), that "big excrement" (large hypocrisy), that "big crime", and that "big betrayal" of that "present "-souka gakkai- (if original, orthodox denomination of ""-nichi ren- ) (Ikeda sect) of the ""-ja kyo- (heresy) which are on the pretext of "Buddhists (leader)" supporting that "expeditionary army" are ? !

Without that "anger" to this ("folly" of that "Yasukuni Scatology big excrement regime" and that ""-ja kyo- (heresy) ), !

whatever can we get angry to ? !

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