Captain, sir ! Please be glad !
our "Reinforcements" is coming to immediately close by !

As for the rest, the "Self-Defense Forces" will be sent troops to "Iraq", !
and, even if the "Self-Defense Forces" is attacked, or not, !
on the pretext of "defense" and "human contribution to the world", !

we will "amend the constitution" of cowardly puppet which was forced the "enemy", !
and, with "military expansion", "missile", and "nuclear armament", !
we will be able to put the "enemy" to shame !

Yes !
At last, we can arrive at that point !
It was so long !
To the enemy which trampled on our "imperial Japan" and which dropped those "atomic bombs" no less than two, !
this time, our turn will come to shoot into the fellows' heart !

That's right ! Captain, sir !
Those fellows, whenever we raise "Hiroshima", "Nagasaki", immediately talk back, "Don't forget "Pearl Harbor" !
It means, "You began" !

If "Genocide" is justified by it, !
it becomes, "Don't forget "3.17"" !

Then, they talk back, "Don't forget "9.11"" !

And, I say, "Don't forget "5.18"" !
Then, they talk back, "Don't forget "2.13"" !
And, I say, "Don't forget "11.23"" !
Then, they talk back, "Don't forget "6.08"" !
I say, "4.14" !
They talk back, "7.21" !
I say, "10.28" !
They talk back, "7.21"... !

Just ! It has no end !

Now, Captain, sir !
A dependable "Sir Priest" is in that "Reinforcements" !
that "Sir Priest" supports "murder", "war", and "stratagem of lie", or, probably, all evil which are smaller than them in spite of a "Sir Priest" !

With this, without preaching, we can commit "Murder", "War", "Genocide", and "Atomic bomb" !

Yes !
That "big excrement" (large hypocrisy) "Priest" !

Over that "big excrement" (large hypocrisy), !
he plasters with much "gold leaf" which are made by his "face", !
and, scattering good perfume, !
with a look like the Buddha !
preaches "Peace", "Non- violence", "Love" (Affection), !

and, cheats many "good persons" and has them under his thumb, !
and, cajoles them and involves them in the "murder", the "war", and the "stratagem of lie", therefore, he is the very person of super extremely evil "big excrement" (large hypocrisy) !
to commit the "Murder", the "War", the "Genocide", and the "Atomic bomb" !

Now, Captain, sir !
In our mainland, increasingly, there are signs of the approach of crisis !

Crimes are increase and have become wicked !
A stock price of Japan falls rapidly being disliked our "Administration of the soul of dead persons of Yasukuni", !
and "Terro" notified beforehand the attack to our Emperor's city

Hum !
That "big excrement" (large hypocrisy) "Priest" has drawn all those near !
It is aspects of ""-ji kai hon gyaku nan- (disaster of the civil war) and of ""-ta koku shin pitu nan- (disaster of the invasion from other country) !

But, for us, it's convenient !
Economy hovers around, The public peace gets worse and Fear of "Terro", !

these dress us with "Nishiki" (Japanese brocade, making of gold brocade) !

"Defense strengthening", "Constitutional amendment", "Military expansion", and "Nuclear possession" !
At last, it comes that the time of striking back the "enemy" !

Captain, sir ! We'll take out hats off to that "Sir Priest", don't we !

Thanks to him, !
that "Sir Commander" of "Makoto" (sincerity) reelected the Prime Minister, !

and, surely, again, !
by his "face", !
with that battle flag of "Nishiki" (Japanese brocade, making of gold brocade), that decoration, and that thick coat, !
next year ! again, !
will come "here" !

I'm really looking forward to that day !


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